San Luis Obispo County California Death Notices, Obituaries and Articles
Introduction: The information below and on subsequent Web Sites is from a series entitled:
"100 Years Ago" by Wilmar N Tognazzini.

Wilmar N Tognazzini passed away 20 October 2013 near his home in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo County, California.
This Site and the others linked to it are dedicated to his memory. He was a great SLO historian and it was my pleasure to meet him at the Palm Street Library while he was doing research on microfilm.

~ RIP Wilmar ~

There are 16 Books in all. Four of them have been put online and can be found here: [1896, 1897, 1898, 1899] Others are spiral bound and located in the Public Libraries [Black Gold System] of San Luis Obispo County. The information transcribed below is all that there is, please do not ask for other Obituaries or lookups from these listings. [Web Maven's Note: It is hoped that Wilmar's online work will be left on Tripod, but if it is not, SLOCGS will try to obtain permission to preserve them]

If you wish a Death Certificate Abstract, the SLOCGS Research Librarian is able to do this at the County Clerk's Office. Research Fees are $15.00 per hour. Over time the main San Luis Obispo County Newspaper has changed it's name. In order to save web space and make searching easier, a fully searchable pdf file has been created for the indexed data.
Check the Indexes of persons of interest and access the scans here.

There are separate Websites for: 1896 ~ 1897 ~ 1898 ~ 1899
These Sites contain additional information that is not included on the original Tognazzini Sites.

Abbreviations used in the Indexes:
D/N = Death Notice F/N = Funeral Notice

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