San Luis Obispo County, California

Great Register Abstracts & Indexes

As part of our Mission Statement,  the San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society is mandated  to preserve and protect both the Historical and Genealogical Resources of our County. 

The SLOCGS Genealogical Libraries have Great Register and Voter Registration / Affidavit Indexes in our Archives. Originally, both Genealogical Libraries had huge binders that contained Original, Absent, Cancellation and Duplicate Voter Registration Affidavits. Due to the age and fragile condition of the paper, it was decided to scan all of the Affidavits. There were thousands of them - none of which were available anywhere else in the County!  

The Affidavits were all indexed prior to scanning - a tremendous job that took almost two years to complete.

This Site is contains links to all of the Indexes and explanations of availability.

Questions? Please direct them to Martha [Projects Chair - SLOCGS]

The History of the California Great Registers

I wish to thank all of the Volunteers for an awesome job!

Images of the Voter Affidavits are available to researchers. Check the Indexes and send your request to the SLOCGS Project Chair.


SLO Genealogical Library Archival Holdings:

The early Great Registers contain the following Information: Name, Age, Occupation, Naturalization Status, Locality of Residence and Date of Registration.

The exception to the above description is the 1892 Great Register, it contains a physical description of the Voter.

The Indexes and the Images are available:

Years: 1867, 1871, 1873, 1879, 1882, 1888, 1890, 1892

Voter Registration Affidavits: SLOCGS & SLOHS - 1890-1894 Index for Original Affidavits

 The Indexes for the various Great Register's are searchable pdf's.

Some of the Collections are not complete as the Affidavit Books were rescued from Dumpsters in the 1970's.

Voter Registration Affidavits contain the following information:

Precinct Number ~ Whether or not they voted in up to three elections for that year. ~ Full Name  Occupation ~ Post Office  ~ Political Party ~ Height ~ State or Country of Birth ~ Naturalization Information
Read English? ~ Write their Name? ~ Physical Disability that might interfere with marking a ballot
Date of Registration ~ Signature  ~ Subject to Military Duty?

"Sample Voter Registration Affidavit"

Name, Age, Post Office
Index = Precinct Location
Name, Age, Post Office
Index = Precinct Location
Name, Age, Post Office
Index = Precinct Location
Original Affidavits
Index = All Precincts [Name, Occupation, Post Office]
Affidavits ~ Select Precincts
Name, Age, Post Office
Index = Name & Precinct
Select Precincts
1920 - 1921
Original Affidavits
Index = Name & Precinct
Select Precincts
1920 - 1921
Duplicate & Cancellation
Voter Affidavits
Select Set:
C, D, E, F, G, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
1922 - 1923
Original Affidavits
Select Precincts are available
The Index is huge, rather than frustrate folks trying to download it, please send a note to Martha with your names, I will search and let you know if your names are available. The Index is available on Ancestry.
1924 - 1925
Original Affidavits
Select Precincts
Index = Jpeg Images

Index = Name, Occupation, Post Office
Select Precincts
1932 - 1934
Cancellations ~ Voter Affidavits
Incomplete Set:
A > J [3 K Entries] S > Z
Original Voter Affidavits

The Indexes are here
1936 - 1941
Absent Ballot & Cancellations
Voter Affidavits
1939 - 1944
Cancellations & Duplicates
Voter Affidavits
Thank You !
Barbara Erden, Nancy Casey, Gary Cooper, Denise Dowell, Sandy Files, Julie George, Betty McElhill, Mary Hansen, Lynn Storrs, Lee Van Bergen