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San Luis Obispo County is one of the original California Counties and as such is rich in both
Genealogical and Historical information.

Many years ago, SLOCGS Members created a Marriage Index. It was never completed, most likely due to the fact that such an endevour was overwhelming at best. Rita Robinson re-typed some of the original data.

In 2010 an Indexing Project was initiated with the idea that the original partial index would be proofed and updated to include all San Luis Obispo Marriages from 1850 to 1930.
Marriages recorded in the local newspapers were also added to the database and wherever possible proofed against the records in the County Clerk's Office.

~ Thank You's ~
Phoebe Adams, Pat Bunyard, Dianna G Curtis, Rosemay Flamion, Tom Gorham, Edna & Ken Taylor, Kent Unsworth & Martha A Graham all worked at the Clerk's Office recording the data.
The Ladies in the SLO County Clerk's Office were very helpful when we had questions.

The Marriage Database includes the following:
Name of Bride, Name of Groom, Date of Marriage, Book & Page, Location of Marriage where known,
Newspaper & Notes.

In October of 2014, a problem was noticed on the SLO portion of the FamilySearch California County Marriage Records.

This is the explanation, the SLO Marriage Database was then updated to include new information.

This index is fully searchable and huge database, 15,582 line entries!

The Marriage Records can be sent for using the SLO County Link provided below
The Research Librarian at the SLO Genealogical Library can abstract the information, there is a fee for this service.
Please contact: Librarian

Some SLO early marriages can be found in the California Historical Newspapers.
Other SLO Marriages can be found here on Family Search

Family Search: SLO Marriages

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San Luis Obispo Marriages & Weddings from Historical Newspapers

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