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Naturalization Records of San Luis Obispo County, California


The San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society received permission from the County of San Luis Obispo, Superior Court to index the Naturalization Records. This Project has been completed. The dates of Naturalization range from the 1870s to the 1980s.

The Documents that may be available are as follows:

Declaration of Intent, Certificate of Arrival, Petition for Naturalization, Affidavit of Witnesses and Determination of Dismissal or Denial. Not all Documents are available for every person in the Index.


The Index will provide the following information:

Name, Book Number, Document Number, Country of Origin, Evidence of a Declaration of Intent, Certificate of Arrival and Year of Naturalization [this column may include a Denial,  Dismissal, or Cancellation Date]


 A bit more explanation is in order...

The early Petitions & Declarations are hand written and in large leather bound books which are almost a hundred and fifty years old. Some of the cursive was difficult to read and decipher - we did the best we could at trying to get the names correct. Additional spellings and alternate names were included to facilitate ease of Research. The * behind a name indicates a legal name change.


Additionally since those seeking Naturalization are Immigrants to the United States, their names, in many cases were not familiar to us, nor to those who were recording the information. So, I offer an apology to all who came and sought Citizenship. If we listed your name or your ancestor's name  incorrectly, please send along a note and I will be more than happy to make corrections for an addendum.


This is a huge project, we are pleased to announce that it is finished!  The completed Indexes can be accessed from the links below: SLOCGS is now able to resume taking Research Queries.


The Superior Court of San Luis Obispo County can be contacted directly for fees and processing information on the Naturalization Records. They will have the completed Indexes on their Computers. Here is the website for the Civil Division of the SLO Superior Court:


My thanks to the County of San Luis Obispo and to Ginny Hall for putting the request into the 'works'; to Greg Pisaño who took the time to ask the right questions; to SLOCGS Board of Directors for their 'Thumbs Up'.


And to the SLOCGS Volunteers who worked on this Project:

Bob & Billie Baker, Joyce Bayless, Nancy Casey, Claudia Collier, Dianna Curtis, Minka Gallagher, Julia George, Shanda Grunkemeyer-Gibbs, Marilyn Johnson  [Moral Support], Roxana Lopez, Debby May, Michele Mc Caffrey [Virtual Support], Rich Miller, Ingrid Penman, Greg Pisańo, Nancy Poquette, Laura Rogers and Cathy Wathen.


Additional Book of Records Found

A Book of Fees collected by the Superior Court was found. This book is for fees associated with Probate Records

An Index was created from the top portion of the pages: This information is interesting and could be informative for Researchers.

The pages can be found at the back of the Naturalization & Declaration Index.


San Luis Obispo County Historical Society ~ Naturalization Records

The earliest records are suspected to date from the mid 1860's and it is thought that the San Luis Obispo County Historical Society has the earliest set of documents: That said, the collection is not complete, it  is a miscellaneous collection which is kept in Folders at the Museum. The Index was created years ago by Volunteers at the Genealogical Society, it has been refined by Greg Pisaño. The two 'Year' Columns represent dates for either a Declaration, Petition or Oath Document. [See below for the link to the SLOCHS Index]. Please contact either SLOCGS or the Historical Society for more information.

SLOCHS - Naturalization Index


Completed Indexes:

Book Listings

Certificates of Citizenship

Declarations of Intent

Oaths of Allegiance

Fee Book - Probate Court

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