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Mortuary Records
San Luis Obispo County, California
1873 > 1905

The San Luis Obispo County Mortuary Records encompass death and burials prior to the mandatory registration of deaths by the State of California in 1905. These records were registered by the Physician or Undertaker with the County.

The Index created by SLOCGS is not complete, but does cover many lost records.
The Record Book from which the names were abstracted is located in the SLO County Clerk's Office. The LDS filmed these records sometime in the 1960's. The Film # 1290850 can be ordered: The LDS are in the process of digitizing their books and films, eventually Film # 1290850 will be online.

The Original Records included several columns of information: Number, Date of Burial, Name, Sex, Age, Occupation, Place of Death, Cause of Death, Place of Burial, Physician and Undertaker. The Original SLOCGS Mortuary Record was edited so that Date of Burial, Physician, Undertaker and Cause of Death were omitted.

The Date of Death Column requires explanation: In some cases the Original Record did not have a Date of Death. Thus, the Date of Burial was used with a 'bu' notation after the date.

Children who were born and died shortly after birth were not always given names, these are listed as "child of"...

Many of the names on the Index were spelled phonetically: They were not changed.

A debt of gratitude to the memory of Sylvia Anderson & Judith Chambers ~ these ladies were instrumental in the preparation of the first inception of the Mortuary Records of San Luis Obispo County.

~ 2012 Thank You's ~

Claudia Collier, Dianna G Curtis, Martha A Graham, Michele McCaffrey,
Greg Pisaño, Ken Taylor, and Kent Unsworth

The Reformatted Index can be found here.
The Abbreviations used for the Cemeteries and the Death Locations can be found here.

Early Death Records are hand written in oversized leather bound volumes. If they exsist at all, they will be in the County Clerk's Office in San Luis Obispo, California. They do not contain much more information than is presented in the explanation above.

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