Creston Cemetery
Creston, San Luis Obispo, County

The town of Creston [named for C J Cressy] was founded in March 1884, by C J Cressy, Amos Adams, Thomas Ambrose and J V Webster, who had purchased the former 40,000 acre Rancho Huer Huero. At one time, Creston was a lively ranching community with three saloons, two restaurants, two livery stables, two laundries, two blacksmith shops, a hotel, bakery, post office, church, school and jail.

Creston Cemetery is located on Little Farm Road just off La Panza Road, near the intersection of California State Highways 41 and 229 in San Luis Obispo County, California. It continues as a small but active pioneer cemetery. The mortal remains of the earliest settlers lie here.

[Written by Nate Maas - May 2009]

This Pioneer Cemetery was photographed by Nate Mass, Teacher at Liberty High School [Paso Robles], the Headstones were read by his Students, the German information on some of the Headstones was translated by Stefan Hubrich.

The earliest legible date on a Headstone is 1887, the latest 1997. There is conjecture as to whether this is still an active Cemetery as it is on private property and is not part of the San Luis Obispo County Cemetery District. It is not maintained, nor does there seem to be any official records other than those located in the San Luis Obispo County Clerk's Office.

There are a number of unknown and unmarked graves, these were photographed as well: It is important to record the surrounding condition of the Cemetery.

My thanks to Nate and his Students for the work they have done to record this Cemetery and for their work in producing a Memorial Book on the Creston Cemetery. The book has been donated to the Genealogical Library of the SLO Genealogical Society.

 A database has been created from the data on the Headstones. There is no Map, thus no row or plot locations.

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