Estrella Adobe

Estrella Adobe ~ Church Cemetery
Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County,


 The Estrella Adobe Church was the first Protestant church in northern San Luis Obispo County. It was built in 1878 by early pioneers who contributed labor and time for its construction. The church prospered for a few years and then fell into disuse, finally crumbling to ruins.

The church was restored by the History and Landmarks Committee of the Paso Robles Women’s Club. It was rededicated in 1952 in memory of those pioneers on the Estrella Plains who built the church and worshipped there. Memorial services are held in May of each year by the Friends of the Adobes, who have had the responsibility of the church’s care and preservation since 1968.

The Estrella Adobe Church Yard was also used as a Cemetery. The San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society has indexed the burials and photographed the Headstones and Monuments as part of their "Rural Cemeteries Project".

The Cemetery is not active, the earliest burials appear to be 1882 although it is possible that some of the unmarked graves are earlier; the latest burial is 1938. The Headstones and Monuments are in ruins and there appears to be no effort to restore them. The Cemetery is surrounded by vineyards. There are unmarked graves, as noted in the Index.

In September of 2005, SLOCGS spent the day photographing the Cemetery, those images are available online.

General Cemetery Photos and those of the Adobe can be found here.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Transcribers Notes
Allen, I B       Co G, 1st Mich E & M
Baker, Benny   1887 17y One of 3 graves outside NW corner
Bardin, Unknown Female       Unmarked Grave
Brooks, Dewitt   1885 24y  
Bucher, Jonathan        
Coulter, Etta F Jan 1 1870 Jun 17 1897   Beloved Mother of Forest & Nevada
Durham, Robert John May 27 1884 Oct 6 1891   Born in England, Brother of Herbert Durham
Erdman       Corp'l  F erd 4th Ohio Battery
Erdman, Bismark        
Exline, Christina   Jul 22 1884   Infant, Unmarked Grave
Exline, Forest   Mar 3 1883   Infant, Unmarked Grave
Exline, Henry   Jun 7 1886 27y Died at his ? Near Paso Robles. He was Constable & Road Commissioner [Unmarked Grave]
Fortney, George E   1885 19y  
Fortney, John   Sep 26 1880 44y7m22d  
Jones, Elizabeth A   Aug 31 1887   Dau of Rev John & Elizabeth
McKinley [Mrs]       Unmarked Grave
McNeeley, Maroe V [Marda] Sep 28 1842 Jan 23 1912    
McNeeley, W L   Mar 6 1890 45y10m  
Mills, Josephine 1888 1889    
Morris, Edmund 1832 1907   Confederate Soldier - Civil War
Parsons, Effie R   Apr 3 1888   Wife of R L and a Sister to Fortney
Parsons, Georgie A   Jul 8 1887   Infant Son of RL & E R Parsons
Parsons, R L        
Reynolds, Infant Girl       Stillborn Sister, others in Paso Robles
Rude, Alice Julia Jul 28 1889 Feb 28 1894   Unmarked Grave
Rude, Amador Nevada Nov 12 1856 Unknown   Born in Volcano, Amador Co., CA - Broken Stone
Rude, Mary Luisia [Metcalf]   Jul 2 1911   Born Allegany Co., NY - Married when 16 years, after being orphaned at 12 years in Knoxville, IL; Unmarked Grave
Rude, Mary Mabel Sep 14 1904 Jan 1 1905    
Rude, Orie Ann Aug 16 1897 Oct 18 1897   Unmarked Grave
Rude, Rosalinda Elizabeth Aug 30 1859 Apr 23 1881   Wife of T A Rude
Rude, Thomas G   Jan 23 1882 67y3m16d Native of Hardin Co., KY "He was dragged to death by his horse"
Rude, William L Feb 8 1844 Oct 30 1920   Born in Illinois
Sinclair, Daniel   Nov 1884 4y Son of D & MS Sinclair
Sinclair, Edward   Dec 1884 8y  
Sinclair, Ernest   Feb 22 1885 2y4m4d Son of D & MS Sinclair
Skinner, Clyde [Baby]   Dec 2 1886 9 months  
Skinner, Eldora Apr 20 1861 1888   Wife of J N - No Marker
Sproul, Henry C 1843 1898   Nearby, but outside plot
Stovall, Evan P Oct 30 1878 Jun 15 1885   Son of F M & Mary C Stovall
Stovall, F M   Aug 16 1907 64y1m18d  
Stovall, Mary C   Mar 15 1905 63y18d  
Stovall, Otis A May 13 1881 May 4 1885   Son of F M & Mary C Stovall
Stovall, Walter M 1875 1885   Headstone broken in two
Teachout, Eliza   1898 70y  
Tuley, Carol       Infant Daughter of Mr & Mrs J T Tuley - Unmarked Grave
Tuley, Ira, George & Cora       Moved to Paso Robles [ Brothers & Sister of J T Tuley]
Weir, Carlie 1891 1893    
Weir, Catherine   Jul 28 1891 53y10m3d  
Weir, Christian Jan 20 1871 Jun 20 1890    
Weir, John Oct 9 1861 Apr 7 1886    
Weir, Peter  1832 1919   Father
Weir, Thomas G 1886 1886    
Weir, Unknown       Unmarked Grave in Weir Plot
Wolf, Adelbert 1835 1912   Father
Wolf, Albert 1871 1926   Son
Wolf, August 1874 1931   Son - Marker is a memorial, he was lost at sea in a fishing boat accident.
Wolf, Maria 1842 1924   Mother
Wolf, Maria 1881 1895   Daughter
Wolf, Otto 1877 1938   Son



 The Rural Cemeteries Project Team: Marilyn Johnson, Leona Mastan, Michele McCaffrey & Martha Graham.

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