Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County

The Pleasant Valley Cemetery lies amid vineyards in Rural Paso Robles. The land for the Cemetery was donated to the County and is part of the San Luis Obispo County Cemetery District. It is not maintained by any formal program, the burials are recorded in a notebook by Florence Von Dollen and her son Karl, once a year they cut back the weeds. The Cemetery is still in use, but there have been few burials in the past few years.

In June of 2006, SLOCGS contacted Florence in order that we might photograph the Headstones and create a database of Interments.
Florence and her Son graciously consented to meet with us, she provided a basic map which contained plot locations.

A team comprised of Leona Mastan, Michele McCaffrey, Marilyn Johnson and Martha A Graham photographed the existing headstones.
The database was then created and notations made.

The Index can be found here.

Headstone Images can be found here.


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