Carroll - Mc Govern Cemetery

Pozo, San Luis Obispo County

The Carroll - Mc Govern Cemetery is a small family cemetery located on private property at the mouth of a small canyon on the  McGovern Ranch. There is a broken wrought iron fence [ 12' x 20' ] that surrounds the area, many of the headstones are broken and missing.

There is no formal information on the Interments, except death records at the SLO County Clerk's Office. In the 1980's the South County Historical Society produced a little booklet "The Pozo Diary, Et Cetera". There is brief information on Pozo and it's history.

In the early summer of 2009, Foy Roberto and her Son Frank contacted me with regard to 'small rural Cemeteries' that were close to home and that had not been photographed, I suggested they take a ride out to Pozo and try to find the Carroll - Mc Govern Family Cemetery. Frank was able to take a few photos and has kindly shared them.

A simple plot map was created for the Cemetery. The above mentioned booklet has a page [105] that contains the names of the folks who had visible headstones in 1980. The links in the table below are headstone photos.



J J [Joe] 1875 - 1953

Clare 1886 - 1953

Ellen [Nellie] Carroll Cook

No Dates



Nohl, Eugene William

Born in Germany

Nov 2 1839

Jul 11 1911

Catherine McGovern Carroll

No Dates



Margaret Jackson Nohl

Born in Scotland

Mar 28 1849

Aug 16 1922




Leonard McNeil

Jan 28 1909

Sep 15 1922

In Memory Of

Thomas F Carroll

Native of New York

Jul 11 1881

Age 44 years


Ned Martin

[Unmarked Grave]

1907 or 1908

Benny Arebalo

Francis W McNeil

Jul 13 1867

Mar 26 1926



Children of

Ramon & Carrie Vaca Arebalo

Died: Jun 8 1947

Isabel Nohl McNeil

Born in Quincy, Ill

Mar 28 1871

May 19 1935


John W


Mary L

1859 - 1942

Another View

John W McGovern


1895 - 1963

Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4

~ Gate ~ 


Row 1 Graves face left if looking from the gate.

Row 2 Graves for Nohl & McNeil face the gate.

Row 2 Graves for J J & Clare Carroll face left if looking from the gate.

Row 3 Graves for Mc Govern and T F Carroll face left if looking from the gate.

Row 3 Graves for Catherine McGovern Carroll and Ellen Carroll Cook face the back fence if looking from the gate.

Row 4 Graves for John McGovern and Ned Martin [unmarked grave] face the back fence is looking from the gate.

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