San Luis Cemetery
[aka IOOF and Lawn Cemeteries]

In 1976 SLOCGS formed a Committee to Index the IOOF [International Order of Odd Fellows] Cemetery in San Luis Obispo. This Cemetery is one of the oldest in the County and has been in existence since the late 1870's. Many of the Pioneer's of San Luis Obispo are interred here.

There are two Sections of ground burials and two Mausoleum's which contain thousands of Crypt burials as well as niches for Cremains. There is a dedicated section for Jewish Burials - The Beth David Section was photographed in 2007 with the help of Jeremy Frankel.
The notes for that session can be found here.

A conservative estimate given in 2009 for the number of burials was ten to twelve thousand.

In the fall of 2009, a Project was begun to update the very old Interment Index. A digital record of the Cemetery was 95% complete when circumstances prevented it's completion.

An updated Index was created from the data on the Headstones and Face Plates. There will be errors as many of the Headstones are worn, covered with dirt and crab grass. Additionally, there are vases of flowers in front of many of the Crypts. The Entry to the Old Mausoleum has a section of Cremain Niches which are very hard to read - we did the best we could to record them.

The Digital Photographers: Phoebe Adams, Pat Bunyard, Shanda Grunkemeyer-Gibbs and her Mother, Claudette, Martha Graham, Barry Lewis, Betty, McElhill and Rich and Teri Miller.

An online Index can be found here:

This Index contains: Name, Date of Birth [where noted], Date of Death [where noted], a notation as to whether a Headstone or Face Plate was found and the Location. The Index is a fully searchable pdf file.

Headstone Images are available as an attachment to an email.

Note: There are 9,000 images from this Cemetery on F~A~G

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