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April 1886 ~ January 1908

A list of Confirmations was found in a Bulletin from the Santa Maria Valley Genealogical Society. The date of the Bulletin is unknown. Because Confirmation information is a valuable resource, it was decided to create an index that could be put online for Researchers.

Several SLOCGS Members are also members of St. Patrick's Church and they provided additional information as to availablility of the Records and the Procedure to obtain same:

Thanks to Dianna G Curtis for creating the Index and to Greg Pisaño, Roberta Dengate, Pam Meeds-Williams, Amelia Silva, Sharon Abdun-Nur & Lorraine Spargo for 'answering the call'.

The Index can be found here in searchable pdf format.

Greg also took a trip to Monterey and spoke with Rev. Carl M. D. Faria, Archivist and Mr. Paul E. Trejo, Genealogist

Here are the results of that trip:

The original documents are at the Diocese of Monterey under control of the Archive office.  Researchers cannot access the originals but can request a search and will receive a record of the document.  Costs are $20 for the process (one sacrament), and $10 for each additional.  Access to the record is for family members only (usually) but they may make an exception in certain cases (like for an article or research work).  A family history/genealogy researcher only needs to submit either a letter of authorization from a family member or a pedigree chart indcating his/her ancestry.  The record is shipped to a local Catholic church and the receiver presents an ID to receive the record(s).
Requests can be mailed to:
The Diocese of Monterey Archive, PO Box 2048, Monterey, 93942. 
The request must include this form - one request form per person.
For in-person vists, the Archive is open T-F from 0700-1600 at 580 Fremont Street.  Appointments recommended.
Records are available for the four counties making up the Diocese; San Benito, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Luis Obispo.  San Luis Obispo records may also include, Nipomo, Osos Flaco, and Guadalupe.  Records younger that 40 years may be found at the local church. There is no charge for one's own record or those of their parents.


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