Methodist Episcopal Church

Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo County, California

Vital Records

[Archived in the San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Library]



The SLOCGS Genealogical Library [San Luis Obispo location] has an eclectic collection of local data.

One such collection is a set of copied pages which contain Vital Records from the Methodist Episcopal Church in Arroyo Grande. It is not known who copied the pages from their Registers, nor is it known if the original pages still exist.


The copied pages are, in many cases very faint and the hand writing is difficult to read. The data is loosely organized chronologically. 


The overall dates range from the late 1880's to 1948. There are 4 pages of Funeral data, 8 pages of Marriage data, and 4 pages of Baptismal data. There appears to be a standard set of pages that was available to Churches of the time - these are set up to be used side by side, with information on each side. This particular format makes record keeping difficult at best, and can be a nightmare to transcribe. There are a lot of 'blanks' - many times, the information was neither available nor entered.


The Baptism Section contains the following data:

Name of Subject, Names of Parents, Adult or Infant, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Place of Baptism, Date of Baptism, Officiating Minister, When and How Disposed Of.


The Marriage Section contains the following data:

Date, names of Parties, Residence, Place of Birth, Age, Place of Marriage, Officiating Minister, Remarks [Witnesses were entered here]


The Funeral Section contains the following data:

Date: [It is not known if this is the date of death or date of interment.]

Name, Age, Place of Interment & Officiating Minister

The Indexes included here are for Research purposes, if you have questions or wish the Research Librarian to do Vital Record work, please contact the Librarian.

                      There are three Indexes in pdf format: Baptisms ~ Marriages ~ Funerals


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