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Wood Mortuary and Funeral Chapel
Arroyo Grande
San Luis Obispo County

Death Certificates and Obituaries
1945 - 1970

These Records were donated by Woods Mortuary when it went out of business.
They are archived in the Arroyo Grande Genealogical Library
of  the
San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society

Scans of Individual Death Certificates are available:
In many cases there is additional information hand written on the back of the Certificate: These are NOT Certified Records,
they are the actual Mortuary Records.

Please include the following with your Request:
Name of Person of Interest
Doc # [Number to the left of the Name]
Your Email Address

Please email all queries to SLOCGS Librarian

Death Certificate Information
Please do not ask for names not on the Lists

In the case of identical names, we will work with you to make sure that you receive the correct Certificate.

Due to Server space considerations, the individual Indexes have been converted to pdf format,
the file is fully searchable that can be found here.
A short Death Certificate Addenda can be found here.

Obituary Information
The Obituary Index can be found here.

Many of the People on these Indexes either passed away in other locations and were interred here
or were visiting San Luis Obispo County and passed away.
There are 41 additional California Counties represented, 36 additional States and 1 Country.